Hot on the heels of our last gallery covering our first week of skate dot making workshops, here’s a recap of our first week of summer skate lessons provided by the fantastic team at @learn_to_skateboard_uk and kindly hosted by @hereeast 😃

With @esthersayers and @justkaitlene , our workshop participants got to imagine, draw and then sculpt their dream skate dots across the week, that were each then turned into 3D models by the team at @betongpark_ltd .

To cap things off, our friends at @betongpark_ltd then collaborated with the superb fabricators at @kurocreative to build a full size version of a skate dot created by Ruzaina, one of our workshop participants – so it could be tested out for real during our skate lessons!

From the vox pop interviews organised by the multi-talented @rachael_sherlock , our very first real life skate dot seems to have been a bit of a hit – and @rubydolanskate as well as @betongpark_ltd designers @narco_mumm and @sam.elstub wasted no time in getting stuck into wallies and a boosted pop-shuvit to put our dot through its paces!

All 📸 Henry Kingsford