UCL Lunch Hour Lecture

We are honoured to have been invited recently to take part in the prestigious UCL Lunch Hour Lecture series, alongside Professor Iain Borden @iainborden , Vice Dean of Education at The Bartlett School of Architecture and chaired by Professor Paola Lettieri, Academic Director of UCL East.

Click on the link here to watch our UCL Lunch Hour Lecture, covering the recent history of the City Mill Skate project, the challenges we have faced along the way, and what we have learned so far! 📈


Free Skate Lessons!

Stuck for something to do over the half term holidays? Are you aged 10 – 16 and either attend a school in Newham or live in Newham? 📍

City Mill Skate, Change Grow Live and Here East have teamed up to offer just the thing for you! 😁

From Monday May 31st to Friday June 4th, City Mill Skate in conjunction with Change, Grow, Live are pleased to offer a programme of free skate lessons provided by our partners at Learn To Skateboard – and kindly hosted at Here East in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 🗓🛹📈

We have 2x lessons on offer per day: taking place at 10am – 12 noon and then 1pm – 3pm, with tuition offered to riders of all abilities by the experienced instructors from the team at Learn To Skateboard. ⏰😃

If you are worried about the terrible weather we’ve had recently, we are pleased to announce that the team at Here East have also kindly let us use the Undercroft area, so we are protected from the elements 🌦☔️

All skateboards, obstacles and safety equipment will be provided – and so if you fancy a chance to learn from some of the best, please follow the link here to sign up via the Change, Grow, Live website to take part!📲💻✔️

Looking forward to seeing you there 👀👋

City Mill Skate Dots and Lockdown – Short Film

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve been a little quiet here at CMS lately – but that’s mainly due to us being busy behind the scenes on a number of plans that should hopefully come to fruition soon!

We’ve also been busy working with the fantastically talented Tom Lock @locktomlock and Rich Maskey @richmaskey to produce a short film called ‘City Mill Skate Dots and Lockdown’.

Our new film tells the recent story of our project – and the best laid plans, the crises, and the quick thinking that resulted in us overhauling our entire programme in order to find meaningful ways to still connect with a wide range of skaters in a world turned completely upside down.

To explore the ideas in the film a little further, we also sat down with Henry Kingsford from the ever-superb Grey Skate Mag @greyskatemag to chat about the impact of lockdown on skateboarding communities of all kinds – and how our project has hopefully helped to provide a useful and inspiring creative outlet for many people whose lives inside and outside of skateboarding have been profoundly affected by the Covid pandemic.

Click on the link here to read our interview and watch ‘City Mill Skate Dots and Lockdown’ here.



Esther Sayers in discussion with Josh Sutton for Slam City Skates.

Esther from the City Mill Skate team was recently interviewed by Josh Sutton for the Slam City Skates blog.

In the course of their discussion, Esther and Josh share many insightful thoughts on the rewards that skateboarding brings to older skaters, and the reactions that their decision to take up skateboarding has elicited from friends and family.

Read on for some inspiration on how to use skateboarding to escape the confines of adulthood!


Hackney Bumps featured in Grey Skate Magazine

Our friends over at the nearby Hackney Bumps project have an excellent feature in Grey Skate Magazine, documenting all their hard work over the course of the past year to renovate and transform a long-overlooked skatepark into a vibrant new facility.

Click on the link below to read the feature that includes interviews and archival photos – and tells the story of how the Hackney Bumps project has grown from a grass-roots idea into an initiative that has brought the entire local community together.


Introduction to Skate Dot Kits

In our original planning for City Mill Skate, we had intended to test out design ideas through live workshops and by engaging participants in DIY build events, where ideas for future skate dots could be built and subjected to practical testing.

However, the social distancing restrictions that emerged in March 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic required us to think differently about our modes of engagement – and to propose alternative ways to interact with the skate community and local public that would avoid face-to-face contact.

After some careful consideration, we decided to create special making kits and send them to workshop participants, so that they could create designs for potential skate dots from the safety of their own home.

Press Coverage

Right from the very start of City Mill Skate, we have been really aware of the need to construct our proposal from the ground upward, to empower local users and use their insight as a core part of the project.

Through the conversations that have emerged, we are discovering how this aspect is not just valuable locally, but resonates nationally and internationally. Our work with City Mill Skate to date has been shared via the following skate outlets, for which we are very grateful.

Iain Borden Blogpost

Iain Borden, Professor of Architecture & Urban Culture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, is one of the world’s leading academics of skateboarding. Click on the link below to read Iain’s thoughts on the successful start of the City Mill Skate initiative around the development of the UCL East campus.