We are pleased to confirm that the sun stayed out long enough last week for us to complete our very first programme of skate dot making workshops and skate lessons for skaters of all levels, as part of the @hereeast Summer School in partnership with @betongpark_ltd and @learn_to_skateboard_uk

First up, here’s some highlights from our skate dot making workshops led by @esthersayers and @justkaitlene ! 🧱🪨🧰🛠.

We offered places for local kids to design and create their own skate dot models with expert guidance from @covsid and @narco_mumm from @betongpark_ltd .

As part of our making workshops, our participants then explored the nearby @queenelizabetholympicpark to look at potential sites that each dot idea could sit within. For a fantastic local example of DIY obstacles, our workshop also visited the wonderful @hackney_gym_gods site at Mabley Green nearby, to see the latest results of their project too📍🗺👀.

Across the week, our workshop participants got to experiment with testing their own skate dot ideas, before being presented with a 3D render of their own, created by the team at @betongpark_ltd to take home and keep 😃🎁.

To cap the week off, the workshop participants even selected one skate dot idea, which was then constructed at full size for everyone to try out skating it for real! But more of that soon…

Huge thanks too @keeprollingcompany @richmaskey @locktomlock and Henry Kingsford for being on hand to document all the great stuff taking place!

All 📸 Henry Kingsford