For our next skate dot gallery we have something from Lizzy Barnes @elrascal & Will Duke-Oddy that we’ve genuinely never seen before – a skateable obstacle that also doubles as an outdoor cinema! 🧱🎞📽⚡️

For all #bankmanagers out there, we have a spicy looking flat bank, with a grassy sun deck on top. 🏦🌱🌿

But wait! What’s this underneath if the rain starts pouring? A kicker to a three stair ledge that also doubles at the seating area for……an undercover cinema screen!☔️🍿🥤😍

Once you are done doing wallrides over the screen playing your fave skate video, Lizzy and Will even have you covered for a slappy and ledge session on some inviting looking ledges in the shape of the City Mill initials!”🛹🔠✔️